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Bear Hunting

The Ottawa National Forest Offers hundreds of thousands acres for a variety of hunting opportunities ranging from small game to large animals. A valid Michigan State hunting license is required. Be sure to acquaint yourself of the State seasons, regulations and any other federal rules that may apply to a specific area you will be visiting.    White tail deer, Black Bear and Grouse hunting are all popular in the forests of our area.  Other small game fowl and fur bearing hunting is also excellent.


Michigan Bear Season has 3 hunt periods.  1st season is a 5 day hunt from September 10 – 14 and is a no dogs period.  Second season begins September 15, and 3rd season begins September 25. The final hunt day is October 25.   Permit applications for the Bergland area need to be submitted to the State of Michigan in early spring (see ), with results generally posted around June 30.

On receiving news of a successful permit, give us a call and we can provide you with information  on private and public land bear hunts.  We have package deals to fit your needs and we are booking now.   Contact the Walleye Lodge at 906-575-3557 or you  may contact our guide directly at 906-235-0289 to make your reservation.  The Walleye Lodge has partnered with Pete Popps of Boone ii Outfitters.   Pete has been providing quality hunts in this area for more than a decade and is fully licensed and insured.   Check out information on Pete at 


Beginning 2010 The U.S. Forest Service requires all guides on Forest Service land to be licensed and insured and to pay land use fees.  The State of Michigan now has similar requirements for 2011.


  •  Which hunt period you have and how many are in your group
  •  Your lodging needs
  •  Your weapon of choice

  • Are you left or right handed

  •  Type of stand or blind you prefer
  •  If any in your group have special medical needs or issues

  • If any in your group is a smoker

  • Other pertinent details


  • Stands baited each day
  • Guaranteed Active Bait
  • Ground blinds
  • Recovery of Bears
  • Freezer Service/Processing Available
  • Lodge accommodation
  • Attentive and dedicated service!

Contact the Walleye Lodge at 906-575-3557 or Pete Popps of Boone ii Outfitters at 906-235-0289.   You won’t be disappointed!

Grouse Hunting

Blue Bill Creek

Approximately 10 miles southeast of Marenisico or 20 miles southwest of Watersmeet in Marenisco Township, Gogebic County!

Blue Bill Creek GEMS is found on the Ottawa National Forest in Gogebic County, representing the first US Forest Service GEMS location. Thirteen miles of hunter walking trail is mowed annually helping to keep the remote trail visible. Trumpeter swans can sometimes be observed nesting in the spring on a beaver pond on Bluebill Creek, and moose are known to frequent the area. Great camping can be found on the north end of Pomeroy Lake, which is known for its walleye fishing. Once you are comfortable finding great grouse habitat within the GEMS, use Mi-HUNT to explore the surrounding state forest! Don’t forget to visit nearby businesses offering great discounts to GEMS hunters.

3,000 Acres of huntable land. 13Miles of hunter walking trails.


Approximately 8 miles south of Wakefield in Bessemer Township, Gogebic County!

The Mosinee GEMS is located entirely on Gogebic County Forest land. It is managed and maintained the Gogebic County Forestry and Parks Commission with a responsibility and long-term commitment to wisely use and improve the County Forest and Parks in such a way that helps sustain the economic health and quality of life in Gogebic County today while ensuring that we do not compromise the ability of future generations to enjoy the benefits of our labor. Once you are comfortable finding great grouse and woodcock habitat, make sure to check out the surrounding state forest land using Mi-HUNT to continue your hunt. Don’t forget to visit nearby businesses offering great discounts to GEMS hunters.