Porcupine Mountains Bucket List

The Porcupine Mountains are the Midwest’s ultimate vacation destination. Located on Lake Superior and surrounded by some of America’s oldest forests, the Porcupine Mountains are a wilderness paradise. Here are five unique activities you must experience on your trip to the Porcupine Mountains.

Heading East on M28 from AJ’s Walleye Lodge, you will want to make a left on M64 (about a mile).    Head North on M64 for about 18 miles.   An interesting spot is to stop at the Konteka in White Pine on the way as they are known for their bear sightings which may be viewed from their restaurant windows!     At the end of 64, you will make a left and drive through Silver City along the shores of  Lake Superior (see #2!).     We recommend stopping at the ranger station at the entrance to the Porcupine Mountains as they have a short video and volunteers who can help assist you with hiking trails, etc.

Enjoy a fabulous day in the Porkies!!!    When you depart you have the option of taking the South Boundary Road which will direct you to the Presque Isle Falls, or you may head through Ontonagon which is a great harbor town with restaurants, shops and a great stop if you plan to explore the Adventure Mine or Victoria Falls.

Porcupine Mountains is only 15 minutes away!

1.  Hike the Waterfalls

The Porcupine Mountains are the best place in the Midwest to hike the waterfalls. There are hundreds of hiking trails and waterfalls in the Porcupine Mountains area.

2.  Go Beachcombing

If you’re dreaming of a walk on the beach, head to the Porcupine Mountains. Young and old alike will love beachcombing for the area’s abundant agates, interesting stones and beautiful driftwood.

3.  Tour a Mine

Many of the communities in the Porcupine Mountains started as mining towns. Copper, silver and iron are all found in the area. Take an underground trip back in time on a historic mine tour at Adventure Mining Company in Greenland.   Contact info@adventureminetours.com or 906-883-3371

4.  See Lake of the Clouds

Lake of the Clouds is breathtaking from every angle. One of the best places to view the lake is from the easily accessible boardwalk just off 107th Engineers Memorial Highway.

5.  Take in a Lake Superior Sunset

There’s nothing like seeing the sun go down over Lake Superior. After taking in the sunset, enjoy a bonfire on the beach. If you’re lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights.